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We need your Input!

Posted: 14th May 2013

As you are aware the Cockburn council sent out invitations for shack owners to express their interest to become a member of the Naval base Community Reference Group.

The group to be formed was a mix of committee and non committee shacks owners as well as council representatives.

The Reference Group has been formed and has attended two meetings. The basis of the reference group is to work on a management plan for the future Naval base shacks.

Like all committee meetings these are a forum for discussion points and suggestions from the committee and council representatives. At this stage these items are just discussion points and go towards what will form the basis of the management plan.

If you have any items you would like discussed or have any suggestions please e-mail our committee e-mail : and we can pass on the concerns to the council at the meeting or answer your concerns by return e-mail.

Some items that have been discussed that we would like everyone’s feedback on are:

  • Coin operated washing machines to be installed in a secure location close to the kiosk
  • Lockable charge station for phones and laptops etc
  • Children’s playground
  •  Floating barge for the kids can jump off in the water
  • Solar panel lighting throughout the park
  • Visitors Parking
  • Security gates
  • Communal BBQ facilities
  • Shower facility at small beach
  • Signs indicating shack no locations

The next meeting is the 22nd May 2013 and we would like as much feedback as possible before this meeting. Can you please e-mail your responses to the committee e-mail

A survey has also been sent out - If you have not recieved a copy and would like to submit please email us as soon as possible. ALternatively - Simply email your suggestions. The list above is a guide only.

If you receive this letter by mail can you please e-mail a response with a contact e-mail address for the future.

It is difficult to contact all shack owners as we have no access to the registered contact details associated with the ownership of the shack. If you are a shack owner and are not recieving any correspondance please contact us as soon as possible to rectify this. You may not be an association member - But can join for only $10 per year.