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Posted: 19th March 2016

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Upcoming News and Events - Naval Base Shacks - March 2016
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Important Information From the City of Cockburn

Naval Base Shacks

The City manages the Naval Base Holiday Park, which comprises 176 shacks located on the shores of Cockburn Sound, at the very southern tip of the City along Cockburn Road.

Management Plan 

The City endorsed the preperation of a Management Plan for Reserve 24308 at the 10 May 2012 Ordinary Meeting of Council.
To assist in the preparation of the draft Management Plan the City established a community reference group to provide input to the City. The reference group was made up of shack lessees who represented the views of the shack lessees and in partnership with technical officers and Elected Members representatives; the draft was prepared and sent to all lessees for their comment. The closing date for submissions was 17 January 2014.
The Management Plan for the reserve is now in place, setting out how future improvements to the site will be managed. Some infrastructure works were scheduled for early 2015 and have been commenced;
- Improved street lighting
- Bench seats installed
- Line markings   
The City will continue to progress the various works and upgrades indentifed in the Management Plan to the park.

Planning Policies

Council at the 12 March 2015 Ordinary Meeting of Council Adopted APD4 'Public Open Space' & APD65 'Naval Base Holiday Park - Heritage Area' for Final Approval.
APD4 provides a strategic overview of how public open space should be addressed in relation to the assessment of structure plans and subdivision applications. APD65 focuses on providing a statutory policy that will guide future additions or alterations to existing structures and how new structures should be built.
A copy of both policies are available via the links in the above paragraph and also under Planning and Development document to the right of this page.
Naval Base Shacks


The Naval Base Shacks Community Reference Group (NBSCRG) held monthly meetings and the first draft of the lease was finalised in December 2011. This draft was then sent to all lessees on the 6 January 2012, providing them with 60 days to submit their comments. A variety of submissions were received and are detailed in the attachment to the Council Report.

As a result of the public consultation a number of modifications to the draft lease were recommended to Council.  This new more robust lease agreement was presented to Council for their determination at the Ordinary Council Meeting 10 May 2012; the following details the Council Decision:

(1) endorse a lease term of five years with an option for a further five year term at the absolute discretion of the City of Cockburn at the agreed lease fee of $2,000 per annum with CPI increases annually. The lease fee includes rubbish collection charges, the emergency services levy and security services charges;
(2) endorse a reduced demolition levy of $300.00 per annum fixed for two years and, following the fixed term, the levy to be increased annually by CPI. Amend the Schedule to show the Heading‟ 8b;
(3) endorse the amended Lease Agreement and Schedule in the Attachments reflecting points (1) and (2) above;
(4) advertise the draft leases in accordance with Section 3.58 of the Local Government Act and if no objections are received proceed to endorse each of the leases. If an objection(s) are received then a report is to be prepared for the consideration of Council with the stated objections. The lease agreements to be signed by the Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer;
(5) endorse the preparation of a Management Plan for Reserve 24308 which will include the following components for the future management of the Reserve:
      1.   The lease assignment process;
      2.    Internal office procedure's
      3.    Emergency management procedures;
      4.    Site maps;
      5.    Facilities management information;
      6.    Detailed planning for infrastructure upgrades, including financial    planning to ensure infrastructure upgrade costs are met through the lease fee and associated reserve funds; and
(6)  advertise the draft lease in accordance with section 3.58 of the Local Government Act 1995.
Following this Council decision it is proposed that a Management Plan be prepared that will examine the facilities at Reserve 24308 and plan for the upgrading during the initial five year lease term. This will include investigations into reticulated water connection and soakwells to each shack, an investigation into connection of electricity and further upgrades to the facilities at the Reserve.

Naval Base documents for download:

For information on any of the following  please click the links provided:

For Planning and Development documents please click the links provided below:

For information in relation to Naval Base Shack Building Requirements please contact the City's Building Services Department on:

Phone: 08 9411 3444

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