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Summer 2016/2017 Newsletter

The Summer 2016/2017 Newsletter is now out everyone a Happy New Year on behalf of the Naval Base Holiday Association Committee

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Naval Base Caravan Park has been used for recreation by many generations of families from not only Cockburn but from a wide range of metropolitan and country locations. It is a spot to visit friends, exercise, and enjoy our beautiful coast. The Naval Base Shacks have been there for 70 years and are part of a vanishing history of Australia.  The Shacks are a living reminder of a time when people made do, and could have a good time with alot less.

Visitors who come to the Naval Base Shacks, located on Cockburn Road, have been amazed that such a location could co-exist within the surrounding environment, allowing visitors to step back to what life was like before the hustle and bustle of the technological era, and enjoy a relaxing weekend/week 'away' without having to travel for hours, catch a plane or spend a fortune.

The Shacks are very neat and tidy, and well loved, with Shack owners regularly undertaking maintenance, and upgrades, including the addition of many new sustainability initiatives including solar panels and wind turbines for energy/electricity.

Many families have visited the Naval Base Shacks over the years and all have wonderful memories. What does not seem to change is the things that people enjoy. The annual fun day and running races, swimming fishing, boating, wild life watching, walks on the beach...

Naval Base Shacks are a  wonderful place. Always welcoming many visitors who take a walk through and look at the unique location, stopping for a swim and to enjoy the laid back surroundings of the area. We are still able to live much as our ancestors did 70 years ago.