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The Sound is Alive

Posted: 8th March 2011

The Sound is Alive

I truly hope the Perth community can have as much love for the Cockburn Sound as I do. I regularly swim in the Cockburn Sound, whilst visiting the Naval Base Shacks.

Despite being surrounded by heavy industry, the sound is very much alive.

Last Sunday I had the joy of fishing with my son near Clarence Rocks (Henderson Cliffs) at the Shacks when we spotted a dolphin, within a minute we realised there was also a mother, teaching her baby to fish in the calm waters of the Sound - Just as I was.

It bought back memories of 25 years ago, when I was a child and we would wait in the morning and the evening for the dolphins to swim in along the shore line.

They were certainly not frightened and came within a metre of the shore, following the reef along the coast heading towards challenge beach, just as they had all those years ago

It made me think, I have been hearing of further development in the region.

I certainly hope we can preserve this stretch of coastline, and continue to offer a sanctuary for the wildlife that lives and breeds in this region.

Lets save the Naval Base Shacks and Save the Cockburn Sound. They are both certainly worthy of preserving.